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5 Things To Know About Workers Compensation Law

  Most people have some idea of what Workers Compensation Law entails. You get hurt at work and somehow you are compensated. This is basically true but there are many different scenarios that affect not only how you get compensated but even “if” you get compensated at all. There is a lot to know about […]

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5 Signs A New Attorney Is Needed

You decided you needed a new attorney, and you thought you found a good one. Maybe he or she was recommended by a friend. Or maybe you replied to an ad you saw. You thought a lawyer would represent you conscientiously and thoroughly and take the burden of worry off your shoulders. But lately, you’ve […]

California Water Damage Tenant Rights

California Tenant Rights: What to Do After Water Damage

Southern California experienced torrential rains in February 2017, forcing hundreds of residents to evacuate, opening sinkholes, and causing dangerous mudslides — one of the strongest storms in years for the area. The meteorologist-described “weather bomb” that came after a five-year drought even resulted in a few deaths after flooding streets and submerging cars. If you’re […]

California Business Visas

Business Visas in California: Immigration Basics

Many foreign residents are interested in coming to the United States for work, job training, conferences, consulting with colleagues, or to establish a business office here. And it’s no surprise — California has the highest number of immigrants of any state in the U.S. It had the most immigrants in 2015, both in terms of […]