Arleta Employment Attorney Referral Service

Part of the county of Los Angeles, the neighborhood of Arleta is situated in the San Fernando Valley region, surrounded by Mission Hills, North Hills, Sun Valley, Pacoima and Panorama City. Arleta has a total land area of 3.10 square miles and an estimated population of 32,622 residents, most of whom are Hispanic.

Arleta’s charm

With its characteristic ranch-style homes and tree-lined streets, Arleta bears a unique small-town character that attracts tourists and migrants. Residents of Arleta converge regularly at the Branford Recreation Center for celebrations and other organized events. Shopping establishments can be found along Van Nuys Boulevard, Woodman and Nordhoff.

Jobs in Arleta

Arleta is the home of the corporate headquarters for the popular retail brand Juicy Couture. Supporting a thriving economy as well are other businesses in this neighborhood where most residents work in sales and office positions, service occupations, construction extraction and maintenance jobs, production jobs, and transportation-related work.

Employment Law Issues

Employment issues such as minimum wage, discrimination, and wrongful termination can arise in a moderately diverse community such as Arleta. If you feel that you have been discriminated against due to your beliefs or how you look, or have been denied statutory benefits that you are qualified to receive, an employment attorney in Arleta can help you.

Employment law covers aspects of the employer-employee relationship and regulates issues such as:

  • compensation and benefits
  • discipline
  • hiring
  • termination or dismissal of employment
  • workplace safety
  • discrimination

An Arleta employment attorney can help by evaluating the circumstances of your case, determine the laws applicable to your situation and inform you of your legal options.

In Arleta and other parts of the San Fernando Valley, the SFVBA attorney referral service makes it easy for residents to find an employment attorney. This online solution can connect you to a network of qualified and experienced employment lawyers in your neighborhood. Contact us at 818-340-4529.